DSA Foundation

DSA has a tradition in giving back to communities through the DSA Foundation which supports charitable activities globally. Current initiatives include water projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and education projects in India.

Currently DSA is working with The Kletjian Foundation from Boston, USA which has a vision of providing timely surgical care to all. The DSA team is drawing down on its vast amount of board experience, corporate structuring, project management and proprietary origination of local partners to assist in the execution of this vision.

We are focusing on increasing human capacity in Africa. Too many CSR programs fund single projects which are not sustainable in the long term. Who is going to staff these projects? We are working from the ground up by starting with funding nurse, surgeon, engineering and computer science training schools we will provide the human capital to place in new or refurbished medical centres. DSA has a proprietary HR partnership to place educators in these training centres. This is a sustainable process.

We utilize our commercial network to bring projects, equipment suppliers, investors, charities and local partners together providing a full service to realizing projects. We run projects on a philanthro-capitalism basis. Any surplus tuition fee income (funded by either government grants, corporation debentures for places at our training centres or CSR funds) are reinvested into developing human capital.